Your consultation

Welcome! Your journey with ThriveLondon starts here.

Step 1: This is the time for us to connect. Click on the link here to book your free 30 minute consultation via the online booking system. This is the time for you to ask us any questions regarding our services and for us to assist in your choice.

Step 2: Having chosen the right service for you it is time for you to decide on the location for your consultation. This can be face to face at the London Clinic or alternatively online via Zoom, Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp video. Initial consultations are always 60 minutes but after this a follow up can be 30 or 60 minutes depending on your requirement.

Step 3: The next step is to click on the link here which will direct you to the Booking page. First you need to select the service you would like to purchase and the practitioner from the drop down menu which in this instance will be Medical Herbalist Steve Masters. Next you choose the date/time you would like the consultation to take place, enter your contact details and then you will be taken to checkout where you can purchase the service via bank transfer or paypal. All services need to be paid in full. You will receive notification of your booking, a paypal receipt of payment or a receipt from ThriveLondon if you made a payment via bank transfer.

Please Note

Please note appointments missed, rescheduled or cancelled less than 24 hours from the appointment time wil not receive a refund of the consultation fee paid at checkout via the booking page. If you have paid for a 30 day treatment plan or a 3 month ThriveLondon digestive/gut reset program this will remain secure until you reschedule your initial consultation with us.

Step 4: It is now time to click here and download and save the patient information form and 4 day diet diary. This needs to be completed, digitally signed and then sent back to the email We need to receive the completed patient information form a week before the initial consultation. In addition if you have any recent hospital reports or blood tests please scan or photograph these and send as an attachment for us to analyse.

Step 5: At the initial consultation we will share with you all our findings relative to the completed patient information form, diet diary and blood/examination results. If at this point we need more information specific to your health status we will suggest further tests which can be done through one of our professional laboratories. There will be a charge for all private tests and the cost will be disclosed at the end of the consultation. After the initial consultation you will be given a specific diet sheet to follow.

Step 6: If we feel more tests are needed this will all be arranged privately through our independent testing laboratories or we will ask you to ask your Gp to organise the tests. We will then ask you to book in a 30 minute consultation via the booking page to discuss your results. It will be at the end of this meeting that you can choose one of the following options:

1. A 30 day bespoke treatment plan tailored to your requirements.
2. The ThriveLondon 3 month digestive/gut reset treatment program.

Step 7: We suggest after the 30 day bespoke treatment plan that you book in for a 30 minute follow up consultation via the booking page. It you choose the ThriveLondon 3 month digestive/gut reset treatment program you will have the opportunity to connect with us at the end of each month for a 30 minute online/phone call which you can book in via the booking form. Throughout the time you are working with us at ThriveLondon you will have unlimited email support so that we can provide support and answers to any concerns you may have.

Step 8: You will receive your treatment plan via email. Within the plan there may well be supplements/herbs we wish you to purchase that come as an additional cost to what you pay for the service. These will either be sent directly to you by post or links will be provided where you will be able to order the products yourself. The times you take the suggested products and dosage will all be included within your treatment plan or program.

Step 9: It is when you have received both your treatment plan or treatment program via email plus the supplements/herbal complexes that you are ready to start your treatment protocol. The road taken to improve your physical and mental well-being continues here.

Follow up consultations can be scheduled via the booking page

If you would like to contact us here at ThriveLondon directly we will welcome your enquiry. You can either message us by clicking the link here, or call us on 07401150279 where you can speak to us directly or leave us a voice message.