Your consultation

Step 1: Choose the location of your consultation. This can be at the London Clinic or via Skype. The intial consultation is 60 minutes and a follow up consultation is 30 minutes.

Step 2: Click on the link HERE which will take you through to the booking page. It is here that you will be able to choose the service, select your preferred date/time, enter your contact details and finally provide payment either through a bank transfer or via PayPal.

60 minute consultations require a deposit payment of £45 at the time of booking.
30 minute consultations require a deposit payment of £30 at the time of booking.

The balance of the Skype consultation needs to be paid in full prior to the scheduled online connection time.
The balance of the consultations held at the London Clinic can be paid in cash or credit card at the end of the scheduled appointment.

Step 3: Click HERE to download the patient information form + 4 day diet diary of your usual diet. Ideally once completed this needs to be returned to us 3 days before the first consultation. Any current blood test results you may have should also be forwarded to us for analysis. However if you prefer we can complete the patient information form at the initial consultation and you can bring any test results with you.

What happens next?

During the initial consultation the information on the completed patient information form and 4 day diet diary will be discussed and if needed, additional laboratory tests will be suggested. Here at ThriveLondon we don’t like to guess we test! There is a charge for all laboratory tests which will be disclosed at the consultation.

After the initial consultation a one month bespoke treatment program will be created and emailed together with details of any laboratory tests that need to be completed.

One month after the treatment program has been actioned, a follow up consultation can be scheduled via the clinic diary link.

The discussion at the follow up consultation is about your experience whilst on the treatment program together with any test results that have come back since the initial consultation.

Follow up consultations can be scheduled in order to continue a proposed course of treatment.

For balance of payments we accept cash or credit card payments.

Appointments missed, rescheduled or cancelled less than 24 hours from the appointment time will not receive a refund of the deposit charge paid at time of booking.


To enquire about the cost of a consultation and treatment program at ThriveLondon click HERE to email us or call 07401 150 279 for further information.